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Siding Cost

Siding Seattle is proud to offer its clients our Price Match Guarantee. If you find an offer lower than ours, we will match that price. We want to make sure that you never overpay when you are working with us. This offer stands for quotes made on the same scope of work by licensed and insured companies.

In order to help you understand the financial side of siding installation, we have provided the following table:

*Prices listed include labor and material costs for siding, strapping installation, building paper, and waste removal.

Material Price per sq ft*
Vinyl Siding Starts at $6.99
Premium Vinyl Siding Starts at $7.99
James Hardie Color Plus (Fiber Cement) Starts at $8.99
Cedar Siding Starts at $11.99
Stucco Starts at $10.99
Cultured Stone Starts at $22.99

Finding the right contractor is a necessary and often difficult first step in the renovation process. due to the fact that siding installation is a highly specialized skill, many consumers are unsure of what to look for in a contractor.

Here are some good questions to ask a contract candidate:

  • How many years have you been certified as a siding installation contractor?
  • Is your contractor’s license current and valid?
  • Do you calculate the cost estimate to include all possible costs?
  • Is your main business and area of expertise siding installation?
  • What are the various kinds of exterior materials you use?
  • When can you begin work on the project?
  • What is the estimated length of the project?
  • Do you include the cost of removing the old siding in the bid?

Once you are clear and satisfied with the answers to all of these questions, the next step is to sign a detailed contract that lists all of the services to be provided as well as the agreed-upon price for these services.


When it comes to siding, you generally get what you pay for. There is a wide range of price points and material quality levels available in the market, and it is important to know what you are getting.

Here are some of the things that you should take into consideration:

  • Does it require post-installation work? (i.e. painting)
  • What is the guarantee or warranty on the material?
  • How is the product affected by different weather conditions?
  • Will you like the way that your house looks once the siding has been installed?


A number of different factors influence the cost of exterior siding installation. The top three considerations will be the architecture of your home, the experience level of the contractor, and the quality of the materials being installed.

In general, a siding installation will cost between $6 and $12 per square foot. The cheapest siding option is typically vinyl, as it is the easiest exterior material to work with, lowering the cost of labor and materials required for installation. Hardie siding (also known as fiber cement) is the most popular option in the Seattle area, running in the middle of the pack in terms of installation cost. The most expensive siding option is cedar, as special treatment and post-installation painting are required. This increases the time spent on the project, driving up the price of labor as a result.

If you are attempting to install your new siding by yourself, the materials for vinyl paneling can cost as little as $5 per square foot. As is the case with materials themselves, the cheapest option is not necessarily the best option. Having a licensed, experienced contractor install your siding will allow you to get the longest possible life out of your new exterior.

Our testimonials

"Fantastic service, completely professional, and stayed on budget"

Seattle Siding came out and replaced our siding for us. Vacek, the owner, spoke to us personally and gave us a lot of helpful tips for choosing the right kind of material for our home. He provided us with catalogs to look through and samples of options—vinyl, Hardie, and cedar. We deliberated for a few weeks, but as soon as we were ready they put in the order for the materials. The next day the crew was at our house starting on demolition and preparation. I was blown away. Siding replacement does take a long time, but guys were always available to answer our questions and the site was cleaned up every day.

John K.

"Reliable, honest contractors!"

I had a wonderful experience working with Seattle Siding. Project manager was great about explaining all of advantages and disadvantages of the different siding options and was completely open about the costs associated with each material. I had an extremely limited budget, so the two of us decided that it would be best to replace the siding on the two most well-worn walls and do the other walls in a few years. I absolutely recommend these guys!

Marta S.

"Thank you Seattle Siding!"

Our old siding had been installed well over 35 years ago and was in desperate need of replacement. I compared four quotes from different companies and Seattle Siding had the best price. I did some research on the company and found that they are a James Hardie preferred contractor in the Seattle area. They have over 25 installations of Hardie plank siding each year. The siding was installed perfectly and it was obvious that everyone on the crew knew exactly what they were doing. It seems like the deal that I got was almost too good to be true. I am very happy with the results. Thank you!

Alex R.

"Incredible experience!"

I am so grateful that we chose Seattle Siding to renovate our house. They were excellent communicators, keeping us informed every step of the way. They made sure we were clear on all the details of our siding and window replacement. Our house is very close to our neighbours, but it didn’t seem to faze them one bit. They did a great job with our house, were always on time, and stayed within our budget. Thanks again!

Anthony R.