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Cedar Siding

Resistant to both moisture and insects, the world famous cedar has exceptional durability and structural integrity. Moderate in strength and weight, it can be used for both exterior and interior paneling. The wood’s beautiful color and straight grain also make it a stunning aesthetic addition to any building.

Cedar siding is most often composed of beveled boards that are layered over one another during installation. While the installation and upkeep of cedar siding are quite straightforward, the material does require more maintenance than other solutions—such as vinyl or fiber cement—in the long term. Depending on the wood’s exposure to the elements, it will require treatment every 5 – 10 years in order to remain in peak condition. Cedar is a versatile material and can be painted or stained with any color.

Benefits of Cedar Siding

Environmentally Friendly “Green Building”
As a building material, cedar requires significantly less energy to manufacture than comparable construction products, such as steel, vinyl, or fiber cement. In Canada, wood and lumber comprise over 40% of raw materials manufactured, but their portion of overall manufacturing energy consumption is about one tenth of that, hovering at 4%.  Its production process also generates fewer greenhouse gasses than the manufacture of comparable synthetic materials. A renewable material, cedar can be reused and recycled many times over.

Natural Components
Cedar creates an internal, organic preservative in the form of cedar oil, eliminating the need for synthetic treatment. This is beneficial as the chemical compounds often used to preserve other types of siding can be detrimental to human health.

Durable Material
Cedar is an excellent choice for exterior paneling. Its organic resistance to rot and insect damage, as well as its remarkable structural integrity, keep it sharp and strong in the face of adverse weather.

Incredible Beauty and Aroma
Builders and artists have valued the sight and smell of cedar for hundreds of years. The natural beauty of the grain and glow of the color blend well with many designs and styles—from minimalist to ornate. The wood is also highly receptive to a number of different products and finishes, including stains, oils, and paints. Its scent is highly particular and beloved—clear, sharp, and woodsy with notes of pine.

Exceptional Workability
An easy material to work with, cedar is pliable and adaptable. It takes well to being cut, glued, and finished. Manufactured in long, light planks of timber, it is easily cut to size and secured using a standard hammer and nails. It can be fitted together to form a smooth surface or carved into any pattern. Cedar trees have remarkably low levels of resin in their wood, allowing the material to bond well with a variety of adhesives and create a receptive base for paints and stains.

Cedar Siding Installation

Cedar is one of the finest building materials in the world. Internationally recognized for its stunning beauty, high durability, light-weight strength, structural stability, and its insulating properties, Cedar is perfect for any project.

If you would like cedar installed on your house, ensuring years of low-maintenance, cost-effective siding or paneling, contact Seattle Siding Company for more information.

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Our testimonials

"Fantastic service, completely professional, and stayed on budget"

Seattle Siding came out and replaced our siding for us. Vacek, the owner, spoke to us personally and gave us a lot of helpful tips for choosing the right kind of material for our home. He provided us with catalogs to look through and samples of options—vinyl, Hardie, and cedar. We deliberated for a few weeks, but as soon as we were ready they put in the order for the materials. The next day the crew was at our house starting on demolition and preparation. I was blown away. Siding replacement does take a long time, but guys were always available to answer our questions and the site was cleaned up every day.

John K.

"Reliable, honest contractors!"

I had a wonderful experience working with Seattle Siding. Project manager was great about explaining all of advantages and disadvantages of the different siding options and was completely open about the costs associated with each material. I had an extremely limited budget, so the two of us decided that it would be best to replace the siding on the two most well-worn walls and do the other walls in a few years. I absolutely recommend these guys!

Marta S.

"Thank you Seattle Siding!"

Our old siding had been installed well over 35 years ago and was in desperate need of replacement. I compared four quotes from different companies and Seattle Siding had the best price. I did some research on the company and found that they are a James Hardie preferred contractor in the Seattle area. They have over 25 installations of Hardie plank siding each year. The siding was installed perfectly and it was obvious that everyone on the crew knew exactly what they were doing. It seems like the deal that I got was almost too good to be true. I am very happy with the results. Thank you!

Alex R.

"Incredible experience!"

I am so grateful that we chose Seattle Siding to renovate our house. They were excellent communicators, keeping us informed every step of the way. They made sure we were clear on all the details of our siding and window replacement. Our house is very close to our neighbours, but it didn’t seem to faze them one bit. They did a great job with our house, were always on time, and stayed within our budget. Thanks again!

Anthony R.